Friday, January 29, 2010


Jan 29
I love birthday parties. The kids and I have fun coming up with their themes and creating prizes and games together. I love making their cakes and decorating everything with tons of personal details that let my boys know just how thankful I am to get to be their mother. Usually, instead of a big present, we have a party for all of their friends and the celebration lasts almost a whole week.

But this year, Ethan really wanted the Millennium Falcon (on a side-note: I was a total girl with a Holly Hobbie kitchen, My Little Ponies, Barbies, dance recitals, and everything purple and pink. I was not athletic, and I never knew about the world of sports, video games, tools and toy guns, nor the many different battleships and Star Wars characters... Until I became the mother of two boys! I could have never imagined this life, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!)

So instead of a party, our soon-to-be-7-year-old will have a couple friends spend the night next Friday and we'll order pizza. The money that would have gone toward a birthday bash was spent on increasing his ever-growing amount of Star Wars toys (a collection that began when he was 4, and shows no signs of ending any time soon!)

The gift came in the mail a couple days ago, and Greg and I could not wait until his actual birthday to let him open the box. We made it until the end of the school week, and let Ethan play the rest of his day away. I'm sad to have his elaborate parties become a thing of the past, but I know this ship will be treasured for many afternoons of two brothers fighting the battle against the Dark Side in a galaxy far far away...

Jan 28
Sometimes when I watch these two I get that song from the "My Buddy & Me" commercials that aired during my childhood stuck in my head.. I know they won't always get along--even now, the sibling battlefield can be explosive. But Evan adores his big brother, and I'm trying to capture these moments so Ethan can treasure them later.

Jan 27
Only slightly more entertaining than the garbage truck is the UPS guy and his delivery vehicle...

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  1. They are adorable together!

    By the way now I have My buddy and Me running through my head!